We've been building successful products on iOS since 2008; helping companies large and small. We are a one-man band, but aim to make it feel like working with a small and agile team.

Expectation of Excellence

Focus on the details, testing the edges, and executing with a level of passion to see that customers get an above-average experience.

Practiced Transparency

It’s difficult to succeed without communication. We will frequently work together to make sure your goals are being met.

Commitment to Learning

When David visited San Francisco in 2014 and learned of Swift, he soaked in as much as he could and has been building with it since.


David McGraw Photo

David McGraw, Founder

David began developing on iOS, in 2008, building casual games. In 2012 he formed Moonlit Solutions to bring the ideas of others to life. Moonlit has worked with established brands (Microsoft, AOL) to small business and startups (Evomail, Tappy).

At the heart of Moonlit Solutions is a passion that reaches beyond code. We want success. The business of mobile is just as important as the technical aspects. Our goal is to build an amazing product and we aim to do what it takes.

It’s a professional relationship that wants to win. It’s agile, focused, and ready to see the relationship and product succeed. Let’s start something special.

Calix the Husky, Chief Lover

Often by David’s side, Calix has been keeping spirits high for over 7 years. Don’t let the grumble or bark fool you; this pup is a lover through and through.

Calix Photo