David McGraw

He’s the man behind the curtain here at Moonlit. If you haven’t already, learn a little more about him, and Moonlit, by visiting the about section. When you’re ready send all inquiries to him directly at dave@moonlitsolutions.com.


While it may vary from project-to-project, our standard rate is $125 per hour and involves blocks of billable hours. A two-week retainer is required to begin work.

Project Fit

We love startups. They require a level of agility, grit, and adaptation that speaks well with our team. By far, we have the most to offer funded startups seeking an architect to build their first product or augment the team in the final stretch. These projects usually welcomes assistance with product, design, and engineering.

We rarely accept small projects, but can provide recommendations on request.


David is not available this month, but feel free to start a discussion if your project doesn’t need to begin right away.

Passionate Development

iOS App Design & Development

API Development

New Product Prototypes