David is an experienced product and mobile engineer who is entrepreneurial by nature. He has built over a dozen native iOS products, taking many products from idea to launch, while leading small teams and serving in multiple roles that are expected in a startup environment. He takes pride in his pragmatism, decisiveness, loyalty, attention to detail and love for world-class product experience. His work has been featured on iTunes for years and written about in TechCrunch, Engadget, CNET, The Next Web, Macworld, TWiT and more.

Expect Excellence

From code quality to pixel perfection; we aim to deliver an above-average experience for everybody involved.

Practiced Transparency

You should always know what’s going on. We will frequently work together to make sure your goals are being met.


From leading Marines and earning a Bachelor’s degree to 10+ years building software; we’re going to get it done.


What kind of projects do you look for?

There needs to be a purpose-driven mission to do something bigger. I look for startups, in particular, where I’m at the ground level with founders and can focus on helping them bring an MVP to market. A typical engagement lasts around 6 months but varies based on how long it takes to discover a product worth taking to market

Right now I’m very interested in products that have a strong focus on design and involves Photo/Video, Finance (including Crypto), and Games.

Products must require native solutions. I’m interested in pushing boundaries and focusing on building exceptional experiences on one platform at a time.

Wait. You can help me with my game?

When I’m not building iOS products I am working on the successor to iGotIt Games. I no longer build games natively and may be available to help your team if you are using Unreal Engine, are funded, and require a gameplay programmer with a strong desire for great design. I’d prefer to help a teams working on an RPG/MMO or simulation game and am not concerned with the size of the company.

Can I hire you as a consultant?

Building a product can feel daunting. Where do you begin? How do you the hire technical minds to get you there? Do you build a native app or hybrid? What processes are we missing that will help my team get [redacted] done? Is your design ready for implementation? If you’ve got questions I’ve got plenty of advice. Let’s talk.

Are you available?

Maybe. Given the length of my contracts, it’s a safe bet that I’m not immediately available. I may have hours available depending on where I am with my contract(s) so please feel free to reach out.

How do you bill?

I often bill bi-weekly or monthly depending on the client. A retainer will be required to begin work and, until we work together for a few months, I will not proceed with development without a retainer balance.

[updated March 2018]